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When is the best time to fill your pool? The warmer the weather, the faster that swimming bug hits all of us. In our opinion, THE SOONER THE BETTER! So when the sun starts peeking through those rain clouds maybe it’s time to open your pool. You might just need your pool topped off with water. When the weather is consistently around 70 degrees during the day, it may be time to open the pool. Leaving your winter cover on during those hotter days lets day light through the cover. Exposing the water to the sunlight will cause algae to start to form under the winter cover. When this happens all you are doing is getting behind. It is hard to catch up the hotter it gets. THE SOONER THE BETTER. Pollen can also be a pain. The best thing to do is get the winter cover off of the pool as soon as you can, and start to circulate the water. This will let your swimming pool pump and filter system do their job to make your job as a happy swimming pool owner easier. Depending on your swimming pool pump and filter system you want to keep the water as balanced as possible to keep your yearly operating cost low throughout the year. Balancing your swimming pool water with pool chemicals is cheaper in smaller doses. When the pool water is out of balance it’s more expensive to get it back to the desired levels we all like. Opening your pool later does not equal less money spent. 

Maybe you have drained your pool, if so it can be refilled with fresh water. Maybe you have done maintenance to the swimming pool that has initiated a pool refill at the beginning of the season. Throughout the season the water delivery prices are usually very consistent. Scheduling your water delivery in the spring usually guarantees a faster response time because of the demand. Prices may vary from season to season based on fuel prices and water rate increases. 

New Pools: If you purchase a new pool and have it installed, the best time to fill is THE SOONER THE BETTER. Different contractors have different opinions but let’s go over a few scenarios.

Above Ground Pools: If you are installing or getting an above ground pool installed I recommend starting your garden hose and let a couple inches of water run into the pool. While you are doing this you can make sure there are no wrinkles in the bottom of the pool. If the wrinkles are not out as the water rises it will make it harder to remove the wrinkles and could cause the wrinkles to be permanent. Slow filling your pool can damage your swimming pool liner. The exposure of sunlight on the swimming pool liner can cause the pool liner to shrink and could maybe void the manufacturer warranty (I would check the warranty on the liner). Usually on any above ground swimming pool we could have the pool filled within a couple of hours. We try to work with all swimming pool installers to setup up pool water delivery times that work for them to make the pool filling process as easy as possible.

In Ground Vinyl Pools or Vinyl Liner Changes: I want to make the swimming pool filling process as easy as possible, for the swimming pool homeowner and the swimming pool contractor. Scheduling a water delivery in advance helps guarantee the pool water is delivered on time. We can usually fill an in ground swimming pool in 3-4 hours depending on the size of the pool. Once a couple of loads of water have been delivered the pool installer can complete most of his task. Depending on the installer some wait until the water starts to fill up before they make the skimmer, and return cuts to the pool liner. Some installers make the skimmer and return cuts as soon as possible. A fast swimming pool fill can increase the life of the pool liner. Over exposure of sunlight can cause the swimming pool liner to shrink and cause the pool liner to not fit correctly. This is why we always recommend a swimming pool professional to do any kind of work on the pool when work is needed. 

Concrete Pools: Depending on the outside temperature this process may need to be done faster than a garden hose can produce the water. On those hot days concrete swimming pools need to be filled up faster than normal. The water actually helps keep the swimming pool cool and helps the concrete curing process. If the curing process is done too slow or too fast this may cause damage to the swimming pool. We try to work with all swimming pool contractors to set up a delivery time that works with their schedule. A fast and on time delivery team make us THE BEST OPTION. We have certain procedures in place to fill concrete swimming pools fast and without causing damage to the swimming pool.