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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why can't I just use my hose to fill my pool?

A:  Many people do use their hose.  But, if you are on well water, your water has not been treated.  You will have to buy chemicals and run your well for sometimes up to three days to fill your pool.   Most garden hoses only discharge six gallons/minute.  That's only 360 gallons an hour.  That's a lot of stress on your well pump.  After you add the water treatment chemicals, you will have to run the pool filter for a few days straight, to get the water ready to swim in.  To recap, if you use well water, it may take approx. three days to fill your pool, and another 2-3 days to treat the water before swimming in it.   Having it trucked in, you are ready to swim the same day your water is delivered. (To determine how many gallons your pool holds, please click here.) 

Q:  Where do you get your water?

A:  We purchase our water from local municipalities that have a proven record for water quality, and clarity.

Q:  Is your water treated?

A:  Our water is treated by the city or municipality we purchase it from. The water meets all state standards for drinking water.

Q:  How much water does your truck hold?

A:  Our trucks hold up to 6500 gallons.

Q:  Other websites make claims of companies hauling fuel or fertilizer before they deliver the water. is that really true?

A:   NO!!!   At  A1 Pool Water our trucks only haul bulk water.  We never put anything in our tanks except fresh, clean water!

Q:  How much does it cost to have my pool filled?

A:  The cost of filling your pool depends on how much water you need and where you live.  Give us a call and we can let you know!

Q:  On which days do you deliver water?

A:  We can deliver water seven days per week.  However, there may be an extra charge for Sunday deliveries.

Q:  What are your delivery hours?

A:  During our peek season April - August we deliver from sun up to sun down.

Q:  Do I have to be home? We work during the day.

A:  No, we fill many pools while our customers are at work, happens almost every day.  No need to take a day off work, to sit around waiting for your water delivery.  We will just need to make arrangements for payment.

Q:  Will the water pressure damage my pool?

A:  No. We let the pumps only idle during the first six inches, then we gradually increase the rate of water flow.  This process prevents the pool from filling too quickly. It also allows you time to smooth out wrinkles on the vinyl pool liner before the water gets too deep.

Q:  How do you get the water into my pool?

A:  We usually run the hoses from the street back to your pool.   We are very respectful and cautious of flowerbeds, plantings and landscaping around your property.

Q:  How can I pay for the delivery charges?

A:  We accept cash, checks and credit cards.   All payments need to be made at the time of service!

Q:  Do I need to pay the day of delivery, or can you leave me a bill?

A:  We require payment upon completion of the last load.

Q: Do your service pools and equipment?

A: Sorry we do not.  We only deliver the water.

Q:  Can we swim right after you fill our pool?

A:  Yes.  Many times children like to play in the pool as it is being filled.  That is a great part of our job...seeing the kids with huge smiles on their faces!

Q: My water just won't clear up. Why?

A: The water in your pool over time builds up with the chemicals you use to keep it clear. When you find that you're using more chemicals than usual, you should consider changing out your water!

Q:  When should I call you to schedule water delivery?

A:  It is best to plan ahead. In the spring, calling a few weeks in advance is great. But generally 1 week is good.   IMPORTANT TIP: If you have a vinyl liner pool, never empty it without having a truck scheduled for the same day.  Your vinyl liner will shrink if pool is left empty and it will stretch back only half the wayOnce you have it clean, put at least four inches of water back in so the water weight is pushing the liner tight to the wall, preventing shrinkage.